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Question: Discuss about theComplex Documents for Moorland Sport and Leisure. Answer: Introduction: Moorland Sport and Leisure centre as an emerging organization has great prospect in future, provided the organization is able to implement the required strategies, after taking into serious consideration, the issues the organization is currently encountering. Various sport and leisure organizations have been sprawling up in different corners of Australia, and hence it has become imperative to take up the necessary steps to help Moorland Sport and Leisure centre, become a distinguished centre. Here, the report intends to analyze and critically evaluate the strategies that are being proposed in the draft (Theodorakis et al. 2014). Discussion: It has been found out that the organization has not been able to attract a huge number of consumers and due to space scarcity, the organization, is unable to accommodate a huge crowd during the peak hours. The lack of management and an integrated approach to administration has been traced as the major reason causing the issue. As it can be observed that the main issue here is a huge lack of working staff (Clegg et al. 2015). The organization does not follow a strict system of workforce segmentation, and there is only one booking agent, as a result of which it is impossible for him to keep a track on the number of bookings done on a single day. Each detail of the bookings is done by the agent employing a manual method, and hence electronic record of transactions is required. However, despite this being a serious problem, it has been learnt that the organization does not have sufficient space to expand itself within the area. Hence, hiring two booking agents and recording the detail of each booking on computer, can help in the systematic and organized management of the organization (Rice 2013). An organization, may be big enough, and may have a variety of amenities, but it will never be able to gain recognition, unless it is able to select the most effective promotional strategy. It has been learnt that Moorland Sport and Leisure centre relies more on traditional method of marketing, and hence employs the use of leaflets, and newspapers to reach out to the audience. However, this does not help the organization build a valued relation with the consumers, who are already availing the service of other organizations. Hence, the use of social media marketing is important. Social media marketing will not only assist the organization in interacting with the consumers as already stated, but most importantly it will also help in the process of demographic segmentation of the target market (Tuten and Solomon 2014). Social media tools, such as Facebook or Google Analytics, helps in analyzing the demographic filed and interest data of the users, thereby helping in the approach of the r ight consumers at the right time (Stelznar 2012). The organization at present has a very small budget, and hence it requires investing more money. However, apart from the staff cost and administrative and advertisement expense, the organization also spends a considerable amount of money for the maintenance of the 50m swimming pool, and the large multi- sport hall. However, it has been observed that the organization chiefly focuses and spends on the swimming based activities , while it should also spend a considerable sum of money for establishing a gym with modern amenities, a fitness studio as well as new sport clubs (Brigham et al. 2013). It is important for the organization to introduce modern amenities that can help the organization demarcate itself from the rival organizations. The organization at present remains open from 6Am to 10PM on weekdays. However, during the weekends, the organization has decided to keep open till 12 AM, in order to help the consumers avail the best of their service. Apart from the gym and the fitness centre, and the multi-sport facility centers, the organization, has recently set up the sauna and steam spa centers (Annarelli and Nonino 2016). Recommendation: Online booking can help the organization gain greater accessibility among the consumers, and hence online booking should be used for reaching out to a greater number of consumers. In addition, offering concessions and attractive offers on the subscription fees via online booking system, can be used to retain the old consumers and attract the new consumers. Once Moorland Sport and Leisure centre establishes itself as a recognized organization, it can expand itself in other parts of the country, whereby its accommodation problem can be mitigated to a considerable extent. The organization is understaffed, and this can pose a serious threat to the organization. Hiring the employees on a full time basis is not sufficient to solve the problem. Te organization has to invest an enormous amount of money for increasing the workforce, and sufficiently motivating the existent employees, by providing them with long term benefits, such as pension, so that they can work with an increased rate of pr oductivity and efficiency. It is also recommended that the organization keeps on introducing new features that can largely help in attracting new consumers. The introduction of more new facilities, such as the recently introduced sauna and steam spas, can be highly beneficial for the organization. While stakeholder satisfaction is important the organization seems to focus too much on the employees, and not on the consumers. Hence, it is not only necessary to motivate the existent employees, but introducing innovative strategies, such as crche, tennis court, station gyms or even holiday kids clubs, is important. Further, it should be remembered that communicating the mission and vision to the employees is important, but at the same time it is important to make them aware of the shared benefits of performing well, with the help of various workshops and seminars. Workshops and seminars can help in motivating the employees, and will help them work, with an integrated approach, something highly important in a service organization. Conclusion: Moorland Sport and Leisure centre can emerge as a reputed organization provided the organization takes into consideration the recommendations and changes that are being proposed here. Although the strategy employed by the organization at present is not completely ineffective, yet it is advised that the organization introduces innovative strategies, and develops modern facilities, to sustain itself in a highly competitive market. Reference List: Annarelli, A. and Nonino, F., 2016. Strategic and operational management of organizational resilience: Current state of research and future directions.Omega,62, pp.1-18. Brigham, E.F. and Ehrhardt, M.C., 2013.Financial management: Theory practice. Cengage Learning. Clegg, S.R., Kornberger, M. and Pitsis, T., 2015.Managing and organizations: An introduction to theory and practice. Sage. Edginton, C.R., 2013. History of the World Leisure Organization: a 50-year perspective and analysis.World Leisure Journal,55(3), pp.264-297. Rice, A.L., 2013.The enterprise and its environment: A system theory of management organization(Vol. 10). Routledge. Stelzner, M.A., 2012.2012 social media marketing industry report: how marketers are using social media to grow their businesses. social media examiner. Theodorakis, N.D., Howat, G., Ko, Y.J. and Avourdiadou, S., 2014. A comparison of service evaluation models in the context of sport and fitness centres in Greece.Managing Leisure,19(1), pp.18-35. Tuten, T.L. and Solomon, M.R., 2014.Social media marketing. Sage.

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